The ecological agriculture, also so called organic or biological, is a system to cultivate an agricultural autonomous exploitation based on the ideal utilization of the natural resources, without using chemical products of synthesis or genetically modified organisms, to achieving of this form organic food obtaining simultaneously that remains the fertility of the land and the environment is respected, all on sustainable and balanced way. The principal aims of the organic farming are:


·         Working with ecosystems in an integrated way.

·         To support and to improve the fertility of the soils.

·         To produce food free of chemical residues.

·         To use the major number of renewable and local resources.

·         To support the genetic diversity of the system and of his environment

·         To allow that the farmers should realize his work of healthy form.

This agriculture is based on the maintenance of the fertility of the soil incorporating compost or other elements, as well as technologies as the rotation of cultures, the quilted one or coverage of the soil with straw or cut grass, the sowing of leguminous and the contribution of rock powder. In agreement to the definition proposed by the Commission of the Codex Alimentarius (FAO), the organic agriculture " It is a global system of production management that promotes and heightens the health of the ecosystems, inclusive the biological diversity, the biological cycles and the biological activity of the soil. This is obtained applying, providing